Becky Mastrodicasa MPT

Becky Mastrodicasa is a licensed physical therapist who completed her undergraduate studies in clinical science at Ithaca College. She completed her graduate work there before moving out to the west coast. Her experience as a competitive college gymnast informs her work with athletes. She cares for the athlete inherent in all of us, as well as Olympic level runners and movers of all ages. She completed her comprehensive rehabilitative Pilates certification with Polestar Education in 2000.

Becky’s style is based on a straightforward approach, utilizing her years of experience to get to the origin of dysfunctional movement. Applying the global principles of movement, Becky can help patients discovery new ways of moving that resolve musculoskeletal pain for good. She likes to establish a strong foundation of body awareness with patients first, before moving on to helping them achieve an independent understanding of their bodies. This allows her patients to gain life-long solutions to stay moving, pain-free and enjoying an active lifestyle well into later years. Becky utilizes Pilates and Conventional therapies to synthesize a personalized treatment plan focusing on curing the underlying cause of chronic pain, not just the symptoms.

Drawing from the broad scope of both manual and active treatment choices, Becky has successfully treated many conditions, including sports injuries, post-surgical rehab, pelvic floor dysfunction, scoliosis, spinal pathology, and more.

Becky is a strong advocate of our Metabolic Reset Program as she herself enjoyed a persistent 30 lb weight reduction through Equilibrio’s methods. Based on her own experience, she will be sure to support your whole health efforts.

In our practice, Becky serves as the head of rehabilitation and fitness programming. She ensures that our Equilibrio community members receive a depth of orthopedic optimization in each of our classes and physical fitness offerings. In addition to her orthopedic treatments, she is also very gifted in succulent horticulture. 🙂

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