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Testimonials From Patients

“Having Someone Listen Extensively, And Provide Informative Solutions Is Invaluable….”

I started working with Dr. Loree because she was running a 30-day group class based on the keto protocol and I wanted to learn more about the benefits of ketogenic living.
Dr. Loree ended up helping with so much more than keto! She’s addressed and helped heal persistent gut issues (leaky gut and candida overgrowth) and hormone imbalances (resulting in low energy and lackluster vibrancy) and focused on continuing to build a strong foundation going forward. Through non-invasive testing (all of which can be done from home), Dr. Loree has guided me through the stages of healing. She’s a wealth of knowledge, provides thorough explanations (in non-medical language for those of us who need it) and is a source of encouragement and support. Let’s face it, having health issues is neither easy nor fun but having someone take the time to talk with you, listen extensively, and provide informative solutions is invaluable. I highly recommend Dr. Loree Pinnavaia and Equilibrio Health!
P.S. The Pilates classes are pretty fantastic, too!

““Thank You, Dr. Pinnavaia. I Am Healthier Than I Have Been In 20 Years…”

Thank you, Dr. Pinnavaia for all of your support and inspired guidance. You gave me the clear understanding of WHY, and more importantly, HOW to heal my whole body to achieve optimum health. Today at the age of 55 I am healthier than I have been in 20 years and the most important thing is the changes that you helped me make and keep with my diet, exercise and movement have put me on a path to most likely avoid chronic illness later in life. Even though I had thought that I was eating well, I was gradually breaking down my body, and my brain. With the program that you managed me through, I now genuinely feel healthy.